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10 mm Stopping Power, all bullet weights
BrandBulletShootingsOne Shot StopsPercentDiameterPenetrationNotes
Federal155 gr JHP201890%0.73"12.4" 
Corbon150 gr JHP10990%0.82"11.1" 
Winchester175 gr ST645688%0.76"10.8" 
Winchester175 gr ST282486%0.69"12.4"4" barrel or less
Federal180 gr HS574986%0.66"12.9" 
Federal180 gr HS191684%0.61"13.2"4" barrel or less
Federal180 gr JHP453884%0.68"13.4" 
Federal180 gr JHP11982%0.63"13.9"4" barrel or less
Winchester180 gr JHP594882%0.63"14.6" 
Remington180 gr JHP482981%0.67"13.7" 

BT = Black Talon GS = Golden Saber GD = Gold Dot
HS = Hydra Shok ST = Silvertip LRN = Lead Round Nose
SWC = Semi Wadcutter JHP = Jacketed Hollow Point FMJ = Full Metal Jacket

Diameter and Penetration are the average from bullets recovered in actual shootings. All data taken from Evan Marshall and Ed Sanow's book: Stopping Power: A Practical Analysis of the Latest Handgun Ammunition and used with permission from the author.

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