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BulletPowder WeightPowderVelocityOALPrimerSource
500 S&W Magnum
300gr JHP
32.0 grlil’ gun Unknown1.95" Win LR guest
In general for range firing to hone your skill you need to keep the kick down so you can shoot longer periods of time. (This "mother of all handguns" can wear you out within a half hour if you don’t try things to metigate the pain) I found light bullet loads with light loads of lil’gun still generate aprox 30k PSI in the case which is well enough to get the bullets out. 22.5k is min PSI for safe bullet launch out a 8 3/4 barrel. I use the LR Primers in my reload due to note from Corbon concerning magnum handgun primer burn thru causing damage to the firing pin. (see Corbon website). I also like that the LR seats about .006 deeper that the Magnums so the are in fact alitter easier to load in my opinion.

Email author: tsweazea 

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