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6 Handloads
BulletPowder WeightPowderVelocityOALPrimerSource
204 Ruger
32gr FMJ-BT
23.5 gr4198 4,006 fps2.310" CCI SR guest
This is a very accurate load shot through a CZ rifle.But this is not a temperature friendly powder.

Email author: drythack2 
204 Ruger
39gr FMJ-BT
27.3 grVarget Unknown2.310" Fed SR guest
This is using a CZ-527. It is very accurate, but is slower than the normal velocity expected from .204 ruger

Email author: drythack2 
243 Winchester
55gr FMJ-BT
44.5 gr4895 4,000 fps2.680" CCI LR guest
this is in a remington 700.

Admin Note: H4895 lists this as a max load IMR4895 lists 44.0 as max load

Email author: drythack2 
243 WSSM
55gr FMJ-BT
49.2 grBLC-2 4,010 fps2.310" Fed LR guest
this is shooting from a winchester 24 inch barrel, in the super shadow. this is a C/T bullet by winchester-Nosler. The barrel will warm alittle,so time your shots

Email author: drythack2 
500 S&W Magnum
350gr XTP
42.5 grH-110 1,800 fps Fed LR guest
This is a very accurate load.We have shoot it in several different s&w 500. You need to sight it in about a inch low at 25 yards,and it will be 1 inch high at 50 yards.Pressures are at 50,000. so be prepared for alittle more kick than normal.

Email author: drythack2 
7 mm STW
140gr FMJ-BT
82.0 grH-1000 3,400 fps LRM guest
This is a CT-Ballistic tip,fired from a Remington Senduro.It is an unbelievable accurate round. We have tested it in different STW guns, and haven’t found one that didn’t like it. It is super long ranger,and will meet its mark everytime,with low pressures.

Email author: drythack2 

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