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5 Handloads
BulletPowder WeightPowderVelocityOALPrimerSource
40 S&W
165gr JHP
6.1 grUniversal Clays 1,036 fps1.135" Win SP guest
Zero 165 Gr. JHP. Shot from XD SubCompact 3" barrel. Very accurate, clean.

Admin Note: Way over Hodgdon max of 3.9gr.

Email author: ac12 
40 S&W
180gr FMJ
5.2 grAA # 2 876 fps1.160" Win SP guest
Berry’s Pltd. 180 Gr. TrFP. Very Accurate, clean, Pleasent recoil compared to pet 155 and 165 gr. loads. Not as snappy, smoother. Nice.

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44 Special
240gr LFP
4.8 gr700X Unknown CCI SP guest
Lead SWC bullets. O.A.L. depends on bullet. Crimp into crimp groove. Very accurate. Stout! 4.3 is also very accurate. 700X beat out several fast powders in .44 Sp.

Email author: ac12 
45 Auto
185gr TMJ
6.3 grAA # 2 898 fps1.190" Win LP guest
Berry’s Pltd. 185 Gr SWC. Velocity was with 4" barrel. Will lose 20-30 fps with 3" barrel. Burns clean with little smoke and no pressure signs. Very accurate.

Email author: ac12 
45 Auto
200gr TMJ
9.0 grAA # 5 893 fps1.260" Win LP guest
Hornady 200 Gr. FMJ-CT. Velocity with 4" barrel Kimber 1911. Very accurate. Ranier 200 Gr. SWC shoots almost as well at 897 fps.

Email author: ac12 

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