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20 Handloads
45 Colt +P, 300 gr
BulletPowder WeightPowderVelocityOALPrimerSource
JSP 19.5 gr2400 1,166 fps WLP Alliant
Suggested starting load: 17.6 gr
From the Hodgdon Manual #26

Pressure: 30,000 CUP

LTC 19.5 gr2400 1,166 fps WLP Alliant
Suggested starting load: 17.6 gr
From the Hodgdon Manual #26

Pressure: 30,000 CUP

XTP 20.0 gr296 1,125 fps1.640" CCI LPM guest
I use the xtp magnum in the the 300 gr, this bullet penitrated over 4 1/2 inches of old black locust hard wood. The overall dia. of the bullet was .796 inches after I dig it from the tree stump. Held together and I will be using it on a wild pig in march 2004.

LBT-LFN 18.0 grAccurate #9 Unknown Win LP guest
I have loaded and fired the .45 Colt using new Hornady brass with up to 18.0 grains of Accurate #9 using Colorado hard cast 300 grain FP BB bullets. I want to emphasize that I am shooting a Ruger Blackhawk and not a SAA replica revolver or old model .45 Colt. I also do not recommend loading the .45 Colt to this level. The only problem I’ve had (so far) using 18 grains of Acc. #9 is case bulge. I think that this load is probably as far as you would want to go with the .45 Colt maybe too far. I backed off to around 16.5 grains of Acc. #9 and have not had any problems other than slight case bulge. It is fairly accurate and manageable to shoot. I only use new brass for these heavy loads and once I have fired them I will only use brass for significantly lighter loads. This info. is not intended for use just reference. If you use it it’s at your own risk. Is there anyone loading the .45 Colt to these levels and would you mind contacting me and sharing your information. Thank You, Brian

LFP 23.0 grH-110 1,100 fps1.60" Win LP guest
stout recoil- will handle most anything from boar to buffalo.

XTP 22.2 grH-110 1,270 fps1.594" CCI LPM guest
Work up to carefully in Ruger class guns only. I used Winchester cases. Velocity is from a 5 1/2" Blackhawk.

LFP 22.4 grH-110 1,310 fps1.600" CCI LPM guest
extreme spread was only 12 fps. for 12 rds.enegry is 1143 ft.lbs. Very accurate should be good for any north americian game.Laser-cast bullets

LSWC 23.0 grH110 1,330 fps WLP Hodgdon
Suggested starting load: 20.7 gr
From the Hodgdon Manual #26

Pressure: 30,000 CUP

XTP 22.9 grh110 Unknown Win LPM guest
Shooting 5 1/2" Ruger bisley stainless. Gives good accuracy of 2" at 25 yds. Havenít used hunting yet but hits 6in. blocks of wood very hard.

JSP 23.5 grH110 Unknown Win LP guest
I use this load in my Ruger Blackhawk for silhouet and hunting,heavy recoil,this is I think a max load for this gun and caliber,if you want something heavier use a 454 Casul

JSP 21.5 grH110 Unknown CCI LPM guest
good all around hunting load, deer, boar, etc. i use it in a 4 5/8 blackhawk. recoil is stout.

LSWC 22.5 grH4227 1,164 fps WLP Hodgdon
Suggested starting load: 20.3 gr
From the Hodgdon Manual #26

Pressure: 30,000 CUP

JHP/XTP 20.5 grIMR4227 1,300 fpsUNKN" Win Magnum guest
I handload this cartridge for my custom extra heavy barrel .45 Colt T/C Enchore pistol. I custom ordered this barrel after personally speaking to the barrel smith and telling him the load I would be shooting in it. PLEASE Dont use this load in any pistol that is not made for extra heavy loads *these are very HOT loads* use exstream caution!!

LBT-LFN 18.0 grli’gun 1,123 fps Win LP guest
Good shooting and very small groups.

JSP 9.5 grunique 950 fps CCI LP guest
for blackhawk, nice midrange load.

LFP 18.0 grVV-N110 1,100 fps40,2m" Fed LP guest
By comparing data from differen pwder manufacturers and looking at "relative burning rate" charts, and using a chronograph to check my loads, i was able to use this powder.start at 17 grs. velocity in 7,5" ruger bisley. for tc/ruger only.

JHP 20.5 grW-W 296 1,125 fps Win LP guest

XTP 19.5 grw296 1,100 fps1.580" Win LP guest

LSWC 21.0 grwin 296 Unknown Win LPM guest

XTP 18.5 grWinchester 296 1,050 fps Win LP guest
Heavy recoiling load for the .45 Colt. On the low end of powder but still a hard hitter. Used for bear hunting with a handgun. Reference Hornady load manual. FOR RUGER AND T/C ONLY.

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