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Handloads.Com ForumGeneral DiscussionPoll: Have you taken a non shooter out shooting?
As we know one of the best ways to really show non-shooters what this sport is about is to take them to the range and give them a hands on experience. Of course some people think it's funny to give a neophyte a full power 44 Magnum for their first shot, that services no one and is little more than a great way to chase someone away from the shooting sports for years if not forever.

I've taken several people to the range for the first time and while they haven't all become "gun people" they at least don't view them as evil demons that will jump out of the safe and go on a rampage anymore.

As for which gun is best for introducing a new person I go back and forth on wether a semi auto or revolver is best. I think the revolver may be better because the action on the semi seems to be quite distracting to new shooters. Of course 22 LR or ultra light 38 Specials are used for this.

Any thoughts?

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I've taken several! I usually loan them my copy of the 'Safety On' cd, or a basic pistol Video for them to review prior to the range trip.

Then, it's one-on-one. Usually start with my Ruger MkII 22/45, or alternately .38 WC loads...

Actually converted someone recently. Coworker is getting involved in military high-power shooting, his wife on the other hand didn't want guns in the house at all!

After one trip with his wife and daughter (kids 16 and very mature), probably 6hours of shooting and hang holding.. his wife now wants to get into bullseye! Daughter is already doing dressage, no time for another hobby.
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I have a ritual I go thru with a cheap little made in China 22 rifle with a cheap plastic scope mounted on it. A real out of the box tack driver. I start them out at 25 yards with paper targets to get thru the saftey basics then we plink at range junk the rest of the time and graduation comes when they shoot out the primer of a used shoot gun shell at 50 yards.
The funny thing is I can do that without fail with every single non-shooter(5 so far) but when the gun club know at all(s) (Every club has one, mine has several) bellys up to the bench with the rifle he can't even come close. First time around with my wife at the range she out shoot a guy with a tricked out 10/22. He had the glasses and the bull barrel and the expesive match grade ammo that often would not fire thru his rifle because his action was to tight.
I think that if your given a person with no experince with a firearm and they can listen and take in the basics you end up with a very good result.
Oh and the smiles on there faces when bubba missies is pretty special too.
And I thought only I heard the voices....

Yes I have to the consternation of many spouses. They have become shooter widows or joined in on the fun. Women seem more inclined to take up shotguns than rifles from my experience, at least if you have enough sense to give them right gun to start out with.
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I took my wife shooting once....once.
She is shooting my 380 auto. terrible little scrap metal Jennings. Anyway, if you're ever shot one, you'll remember the procedure; shoot, clear the jam; shoot, clear the jam; add infinity.
So she gets her jam.
she turns to me and says "it wont shoot"
keep in mind she has the gun aimed into my abdomen at this point. she's pulling very hard on the trigger to get it to fire now.
I noticed at this point, there was no jam.
so i did the natural thing and hit the dirt.
after clearing the grass out of my teeth, I found that the gun had chambered the next round and for some reason hadn't hit the round hard enough to fire it. But it was very much a live round after I recocked/chambered it.
This was all after spending a couple hours doing the gun safety thing with her.
I talk to her about shooting again, but she really thinks she did nothing wrong that day and i am over-reacting to what she did.
So to fix the problem, I have banned her from touching a firearm as long as our marriage license is in effect.
Ah yes, the famous "Point at who you're talking too" manuever. I've found that standing behind the shooter will keep you out of their thought process and to some extent suppress the desire to chat. It also put you in position to reach forward quickly and give them a "guiding hand" before they turn very far. Neophytes often lose touch with the logical side of their mind during the first firing session.
Does anyone know where the love of God goes, when the waves turn the minutes to hours?
I'm starting my 6 year old daughter on a ruger 10/22 that I gave her for x-mas, with cb longs so they won't penetrate me too far and so they don't cycle the action and I only get hit with one, and keeping the gun kind of heavy so it has a tendency to stay on the bench instead of pointing all over the place. hopefully, the safety stuff will really sink into her little head and I won't have to worry as much, but it never hurts to plan ahead.

Chance favors the prepared mind.
Yeah, thats where I was, directly behind her. i figured it was the safest place to be. my problem was, i took my eye off her for about 3 seconds to get into the ammo box.
my wife was terrified about guns,after holding my new desert eagle she wanted no part of a shooting range.so I bought her a taurus pt 92 in ss.she loved the fancy finish compared to my dull black de.she held it and said it felt ok.gave her a quick lesson at home about the action of the pistol,aiming,etc and headed to the range.she did excellent at the range at about 10 yards,could cycle the action and even load the magazine although breaking a nail would have been dissasterous for me.I took to loading clips/collecting brass while she fired away.
after she sat down for a moment I pulled out the de,fired one shot,and she ran for the exits.:)
she now begs me to make more ammo shesh what did I get myself into! making 9mm compared to 440 and 50 takes the same time so I'd rather load the big rounds,but hey having a shooting partner aint bad either.
I take 2-4 newcomers shooting about every other month, plus I run a 4-H shooting sports club. Everyone gets a safety lecture and starts with a long gun, until I am certain that they will not wave the muzzle wildly. Then I let them try handguns.

I work with a lot of foreigners and I love to take them shooting, as they are usually from countries where guns are restricted/prohibited. You would be suprised how many people tell me that shooting was the high point of their trip to the US. I like to let the foreigners shoot a .22 pistol, then a .38 Spl, then a .357. I then show them a .44 magnum and shoot it so they get an idea of the noise and muzzle blast. If they are still game I let them take a shot or two. It it a big thrill for them as they have all seen "Dirty Harry" and they get to go home and tell their friends that they shot Dirty Harry's gun.
Welcome aboard Pondoro,
We have a lot of people from other countries at our company too. Last month we had a few from England over and took one of them to the range. His progression was much like what you describe, 22 then 45 ACP (1911 of course), 38 Special, then he wanted to try the M29 Dirty Harry gun. I don't know if it was the high point of his trip but he sure had a lot of fun.

We’ll raise up our glasses against evil forces, singing; whiskey for my men, beer for my horses

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Handloads.Com ForumGeneral DiscussionPoll: Have you taken a non shooter out shooting?

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