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Handloads.Com ForumGeneral DiscussionPoll: Do you, or will you, shoot someone else's handloads?
Many people refuse to shoot ammo that someone else has loaded. Considering that you are literally trusing your safety, if not your life, to the job that the other person did when making those loads it's understandable.

Generally I would prefer not to shoot ammo that was loaded by someone else. You never know when they may have spaced out and double charged a load. But there are a couple people who's loads I never have a problem shooting. They are people I've known for many years who have been loading for more than 10 years and who I know take the utmost pride in their ammo.

I suspect this poll will end up with most people voting #3, followed by #1 with few people voting for #2...time will tell.

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so far, I've never shot someone else's reloads in my own gun. I've shot their reloads in their guns. But I only shoot with a couple of different people outside of competition and we don't shoot the same calibers. But I suppose I would if they were careful, sane type individuals whom I had seen their reloading pracices and their bench. I know my father shoots nothing but my loads, but he doesn't have time or equipment to load his own and would rather by $100 worth of components for my bench than $100 worth of factory ammo.

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It's the same with my father, he only shoots one caliber - ok 2 if you count 22 LR - and doesn't have any interest in handloading so I load 9mm for him.

We’ll raise up our glasses against evil forces, singing; whiskey for my men, beer for my horses

Molon Labe!
This one is cold, but I'm just getting to it. No I wont shoot anyone's reloads except my own.
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Will shoot handloads made by ONE of my friends, in his rifles, as we have no common cartridges. Vice versa. Used to load for a couple of friends but know I don't. They were unwilling to follow my guidelines about proper response to indications of high pressure. I don't recommend any of the above to anyone.
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Almost exclusively NO. There is 1(one) person that I shoot with that I would without hesitation shoot his reloads. I am past anal in my reloading and he is worse than me when it comes to his ammo. I probably know and shoot with approx 15 people who reload and its basically an honor system that you bring enough for you and others to shoot, but you never need to shoot someone else's. Tracy
I had a shooting buddy who loaded bulls eye target loads for his Python. He always let me try some of his ammo. I liked the accuracy and so I always gave him empty brass and he gave me some ammo. I was shooting a 686 at that time and was somewhat new to shooting in general.

Anyhow, one day he blew the Python up. Nobody was injured ( I was standing right next to him when it happened ). It wasn't that spectacular like parts flying around but the cylinder was cracked on top and I think the top strap was also damaged. Obviously he had double charged a 38 case.

After that experience I have never shoot anyone else's re-loads again, and it was what got me started reloading on my own.

I'd have to vote number 3.. And I'd have to know him or her real well.

One condition, they'd have to be slow and plodding like myself, which means you weight EVERY charge. Which kind of rules out (I'll duck now) any progressive loaders.

Before you flame me to badly. Keep in mind that the only cartridge I shoot that I consider a candidate for a progressive is my 44 Mag. And I spend Dec, Jan and Mar here in MN doing case prep and loading my yearly supply of 44's... All the rest are rifles whiich I tend to use IMR powders in.

Ya I know Hodgens and others meter well......
Is it deer season yet?
I missed this one when it first came up.
But I will fire the reloads of only one of my friends. I've known him since the 70's and I trust his loads.
He's used some of mine, and neither of us has ever blown up a gun.
Usually if I come up with reloads from unknown people I'll pull them apart and reuse the components.
Rarely do I shoot unknown reloads.
I don't even buy commmercial reloads. I'd rather do it myself.
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I'm in a peculiar position, I'm the one with the equipment and everyone else shoots what I load. I load 22 Hornets for a friend because he gets sticker shock everytime he buys factory loads (reloads are about $7/50 vs $19.95 at Wal-Mart). I loaded 7mm Mag for my father while he was alive. I load 7mm Mag for my son, 6mm Rem for my daughter-in-law and .257 RAI for my grandson. Maybe they trust me because I have lab experience, have a chemistry minor and weight the powder charges immediately before seating each bullet? BTW, I do shoot reloads from other people if I know their reloading practices.
Handloads.Com ForumGeneral DiscussionPoll: Do you, or will you, shoot someone else’s handloads?

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Posts: 10  [ Displaying: 1 to 10 ]

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