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Handloads.Com ForumGeneral DiscussionPoll: Do you work in the firearm industry?
I just thought this would be an interesting question, how many of you work in the firearm industry? Answers to the poll are: Yes, No, No, but I used to, No, but in a related industry. That should cover the range of possiblities and give people who work in a related industry, maybe holsters for example, an option to chime in and share their experiences.

I don't (unless you want to count the work on this site ) but I often think I'd enjoy it.

See the current results.

Don't forget to visit the main page and cast your vote.

Edited on 9/7/2003 3:16:24 PM.

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What if we work on the equipment used in the firearm industry? Presses, batch machinery, dehumidification/humidification equipment for powder, anti-static wiring/Nema enclosures for ammunition manufacturing...... I guess that would be a "yes/no" or a "maybe".
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You're related, Zigs... if not in reality, then by disposition. Me, I'm "none of the above", except in my dreams.

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Well John, I've worked in firearms manufacturing for 13 years. I got "in" quite by surprise after relocating to the area where I now live, and wasn't even aware that "The Company" had a facility around here. At the time, I'd been in an entirely different line of work for about 12 years, which made a career change all the more unlikely.

I wasn't what you'd call a "gun-nut" when I began my "gun making career", but had grown up in a home with guns, and had used them (mostly for hunting) virtually all my life. I think my forum username would be an indication of my present gun-nut status, huh?

When the opportunity presented itself to actually go to work for a 'major' fireams manufacturer it seemed like such a novelty for someone who'd always admired and respected a good gun. How could I not at least try it? After 13 years, I still can't think of a single product I'd rather be involved in making.

That's not to give the impression that it's all fun and games. It ain't! It's intense, to say the least, but I think that's what's kept me there.... Besides, who wants an ordinary job?

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I've often thought of doing firearms work of some type. The machinery would be the major investment I guess. I'm no good at free hand things but have always loved machinery.
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I worked for Fabrique Nationale. Had to quit when a colleague pointed a pistol at me and pulled the trigger. He hadn't even cleared it. Claimed he was doing an inventory and putting the gun back into the safe. The boss didn't seem to think it was any big deal. After I got calmed down and resisted the urge to use said pistol as a suppository, I gave notice. Can't work in a place like that.

Strange folks to work for, partly because we made military stuff, partly because it is a Belgian company... The fun part was going down to the range and pulling down an M-249 SAW and a belt of ammo and cutting loose down range. Didn't even have to clean the gun. Plus we got to design and build some pretty off the wall stuff. If you ever find a source for hammer forged gun barrels, buy what you can, they are worth it.

Handloads.Com ForumGeneral DiscussionPoll: Do you work in the firearm industry?

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