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Handloads.Com ForumGeneral DiscussionPoll: Do you shoot any black powder?
Quick easy one this time: Do you shoot any black powder?

Yes, in BP and modern firearms
Yes, only in BP firearms
Yes, only in modern firearms

Since that doesnít stir up much discussion, Iíll toss in: What guns do you shoot it in if you answered yes? I havenít shot any yet, but Iíd like to in 44 Mag and 45 Colt, and one day Iíll get a 45-70 to try it in (I donít think the SKS would do well with bp )

Weíll raise up our glasses against evil forces, singing; whiskey for my men, beer for my horses

Molon Labe!
Hard to figure out how to start this, John.................

I guess... not just no, but HELL NO!!!

I wasn't dropped on my head when I was a kid! Nor was I trained to "the ancient ways" as a fanatisism! Good lord, John, don't you figure having promiscuous relationships with the seriously dated technology of revolvers is "historical" enough? You figure you got the time to give your firearm a bath every time you shoot it?

Yah, I know... there is something about them that kind of makes a person feel like they are really doing something... a "process", and being part of it.
I was around a flint squirrel/target one time (might have been a world class one, too). Great long barrel and, boy, did it hang... off hand at 100 yds. with orange clay pigeons for a target.... klack-ka'-flash-sha-boom!!!!!! A person had very well better know A LOT about follow through! And the reloads... there is a lot of technique there... you don't do it right and there ain't gonna be "three balls touching" at 100 off the bench! Yah... something about them for sure... best way to shoot black powder, though is to be invited to shoot someone elses... run a bunch of balls... have A LOT of fun... let them take it home and clean it.

Mike Krall
Phooey to that, it's fun, and after that it's deadly. Clean up isn't that much hassel.
TC Renegade, .50 cal, but it was stolen awhile back. Been looking for a Cherokee .36 or better yet a Hatfield Squirrel Rifle in same caliber. I'm not wild about loading black for guns intended for smokeless or repeaters/revolvers etc. Single shot cartridge or muzzle loaders are okay fine with me. I will NEVER own a stainless steel BP gun or an inline muzzle loader. They suck, sabots suck! Well, except in the M1A1.
Does anyone know where the love of God goes, when the waves turn the minutes to hours?
Poll: Do you shoot any black powder?
Not currently.
I have in the past. I shot some from my OM BH and it was fun. Till the cleaning part.
I have shot a friends replica C&B revolver, that was a lot of fun. He got to clean it.
And I have tried Pyrodex. Yuck!!!!!! That crap is worse than real black. At least the can I had was.

I guess the point that was hammered home to me is that B.P. is fun, but a real pain in a modern gun. If you have a real old time Colt or Winchester, or something made for black powder then by all means do it. But stick with smokeless in modern guns.

Shooting a case full of 3F out of Ruger .45 will get you lots of smoke, poor to fair accruacy, and a filthy gun in a hurry. Besides the rifling is too shallow for B.P. At least that is my experiance.
"If everything seems under control, you’re just not going fast enough."
- Mario Andretti
No, I only use smokless powder, I don't want the extra danger in loading or storing black powder, not to mention the clean up of the gun or brass. My wife also forbid me to have it in the house. Just my opinion.

Edited on 6/2/2003 12:48:07 PM.
The Virginian
sure. I have a .36 cap and ball that is a blast (pun) to shoot and I have been known to load black powder cartridge for my 45-70 T/C. With black powder is a bit more smokey and you have to clean up right after shooting, but it sure draws a crowd at the firing line and that's a lot of fun too. Buddy Little
Well you can make that a 'not just no, but HELL NO!!!' for me too. I fooled with it a little and wasn't impressed. Hope I don't offend someone.

Hmmm, I'm starting to think I may need to try and lure some Cowboy Action Shooters here...

Weíll raise up our glasses against evil forces, singing; whiskey for my men, beer for my horses

Molon Labe!
BP is great. I got started with a TC Renegade that my son has now. I have a Mowrey Ethan Allen Classic in .54 with an Ed Rayl barrel and an Appalachian style .36 cal that I built using an Ed Rayl barrel. I have a TC Black Diamond that I despise. I hate sabots too and the clean up of an inline is a royal pain. I also hate that most people don't know how to pronounce sabot.

I think BP is a hoot. My best friend ordered a Ruger Old Army through me and I can't wait for him to get bored with it so I can swindle him out of it. He is getting a Shiloh Sharps in 45/70 that he is going to shoot bp out of, maybe he will unload his OA to help pay for it. I may get a Pietta in the mean time.

I have also considered a Vaquero in 44/40 for shooting BP loads. There isn't any cas around here, so it is all done in fun.


good luck in your quest for a Cherokee or Hatfield. I know where there is a Hatfield .45 that the guy might part with. Also check with Cains outdoors at http://www.msmfg.com/default.htm the last time I was there, I think they had a Hatfield. I'm not sure what cal. though.
at one time if I didnt burn a pound of powder in my flintlock at a weekend rondezvous it was a pretty miserable weekend. you had to shoot pretty tight groups to get anything for prizes. From what I read in the gun rags on these inlines and sabot and other such foolishness , they would be lucky to get the last prize in a blanket shoot.
Clean up is a breeze. Plug the touchhole or patch over the nipple, squirt some dishsoap down the barrel, fill with boiling water let set. Run a patch down the bore pushing the water out the touchhole. Follow with dry pathces until bore is dry. Squirt wd-40 down the bore and you're good till the next time. Still have a 54 flint and 45 capgun, but haven't shot them much in quite a while.
Ps. Variation on the cleaning, Fill coffe can full of soapy water attach tube over nipple run wet patch down the bore and pump it back and forth the length of the bore until the water is coal black, flush with clean water and dry then wd-40.
The most expensive bullet there is ain’t worth a plug nickel if it don’t go where its supposed to.

Yes! I shoot black powder in a black powder rifle (Traditions sidelock) and every so often when I am home in my father's black powder pistols. I prefer the real black powder over Pyrodex powder, as I like the quicker ignition of the real black powder. I have tried the Pyrodex pellets and they work much better than the Pyrodex powder as far as quick ignition. Cleanup is not too much of a problem, probably less time than for my smokeless guns, as I am very picky on them and spend hours cleaning one. Not that the BP does not get cleaned thoroughly, it just seems to take less time. Just my 2 cents.

I have 2 & 1/2 black podwer pistols. A .36 1851 clone, a T/C Scout (my only modern arm) and some of a cheap "hawken-ish" style pistol I used to have, but it fell apart and never fixed.

I can't see shooting black powder in any gun that I can get away with not. hate cleaning them, and would ruin my good guns.

I have A few "clone" rifles.. a Kentucky, two plains rifles and an 1861 Springfield.

As to modern and inline guns... I don't get it. As I always say.. and you may quote me...
"Shooting an inline is like kissing your sister." (Sure it's ALMOST the same thing, but what fun is it?")
.45 Throats for Pete’s sake. www.Cylindersmith.com
One of my rifles was built specifically for Black Powder Cartridge Sillhouette, so yes, I shoot a fair amount of it. The gun was originally a Browning 78 but has been rebarelled into .40-65. In this configuration, it has never tasted smokeless. I also have an SAA in .44 Spcl that has just recently been re-introduced to BP just to see how it would do. Cleaning is a pain, but my first sub-inch group last week after what has turned into a 3 year project for various reasons, made it worth the effort. BD
I shoot two 54 cals. , one in a thompson new englinder and one in a thompson dragoon hand gun. At 25 yards the rifle will split playing cards in half side ways. The dragoon hand gun is lucky to hit the broad side of a barn at six paces.
Handloads.Com ForumGeneral DiscussionPoll: Do you shoot any black powder?

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