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Handloads.Com ForumGeneral DiscussionPoll: Where do you get most of your reloading components?
Where do you tend to get most of your supplies?

Large retail chain
Local gun shop
Mail order/Internet
(don't forget to go vote)

I'm sure most of us get at least some from each of these areas but where do you get most of your supplies? Most of what I get these days I pick up at a local gun shop, I mail order/internet order some bullets but all the powder, primers and plinking bullets I get locally.

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I get just about all of my supplies mail order. The exception is powder and primers, those I buy from a local gun shop. I can't seem to get these much cheaper mail order. I just wish the local gun stores had a better selection of powders. Example is 2400, I have never been able to find that one locally.

Until just recently I was buying projectiles locally but it seems like the prices keep climbing there too. So now even that is mail order.

Up until the internet was forced upon me I was buying my components from local dealers. But since then I have purchased bullets, equipment, and some supplies from the regular people, via the internet.
The only exception is powder and primers.

I have found great deals on bullets, brass (altho I don't need any), and loading tools over the internet. But any deals on powder or primers is offset by the excessive hazmat fees charged by shippers.
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Local gun shop. Lou
For powder, primers, wads and shot I drive about 100 miles one way to a retailer that treats me well and has everything I need/want in stock. Prices are darn fair too.

For bullets and other misc stuff I either make my own or buy bulk from a mail order or E business. Midway is a favorite of mine for anything I can't get or don't want to buy locally.
Before I moved, I was buyer number 004 in my zip code from Midway, I also bought from a fairly local store named the Loading Bench(catchy name that) which was one af a great many available. However there is only one local store in town, and I still will be buying from Midway. Buddy Little
Powder is exclusively from a local gun shop, but everything else is almost always mail order. While I'd like to support the locals in that too, they just can't/won't touch the prices and the selection is iffy at best. From what I've seen Midway certainly has the selection but even at that I generally prefer the smaller guys. Sinclair Int'l and Buffalo Arms usually share the biggest part of my business with Cabela's being a close third. BD
Mostly mail order but some powder from local stores. Ususally powder is purched in large quantities which takes the sting out of HAZMAT charges, or thru the operator of a local clays range who buys everything in multi-ton quantities.
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I get most of the powder now at the shooting range or Gander mountain. The local gunsmith is a crook. $27 bucks for a pound of powder. I like to keep my buying locally but give me a break.
The rest is mostly internet. Unless I make a pilgrimage to Cabelas.
Almost everything local. The dealer will order me anything I want, doesn't charge shipping or sales tax and keeps the price competative with any of the mail-order houses. A LOT lower than Cabela's. I figure if people don't buy local, they will lose that option.

Wow sounds like the pefect place to buy. No sales tax or shipping how can he make any money? If I had a place like that I would not go anywhere else.
But I don't some grim reality is my only option.
I am fortunate that I have a local dealer that prices fairly too. I try to buy there as much as possible. When I am on vacation at the in-laws, there is an excellent shop there as well. What I can not find locally, I can usually get there if I can wait. On my way to vacation, I pass through Creeker's home town (well, at least the major city close to his place) and he is very kind to meet me and save me all the freight costs associated with shipping big lead bullets.
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Unless it's something they don't stock I buy locally (OK 40 miles away) In most cases I can drive that for cheaper than what the shipping costs and don't have to place a minimum order. Sometimes I have the local Cabella's order a catalog item so I can get it without having to pay shipping charges.
local gunshops here,both of em, are not with it,in fact one is goin outa biz and not that they couldnt get the business, i go to the big city 50 plus miles north. shop around mostly, but there are a couple of places that have better selection and prices that i buy at. i also order from online at times.
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Now thats depressing and unnatural. Gun shops in AZ going out of business. With all the shooters and reloaders, and well, just gun owners, their going out of business?
Sounds like they don't have a clue..............

Have you ever gone to The Sportsman on Camelback in Phx? They had a ton of reloading supplies when I was there. Hope they still do.
"If everything seems under control, you’re just not going fast enough."
- Mario Andretti
Handloads.Com ForumGeneral DiscussionPoll: Where do you get most of your reloading components?

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