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Handloads.Com ForumHuntingPoll: What do you typically hunt with?
Since such a large percentage of people who voted last time said they do hunt I thought getting a little more specific would be interesting.

What do you typically hunt with?
Handgun - Revolver
Handgun - Semi Auto
Rifle - Bolt Action
Rifle - Semi Auto
Rifle - Lever Action
Shotgun - Pump
Shotgun - Semi Auto

So many possible choices, "other" may be a popular answer for this one.

Current Results

Don't forget to vote.

Edited on 11/11/2003 11:16:46 AM.

Weíll raise up our glasses against evil forces, singing; whiskey for my men, beer for my horses

Molon Labe!
Opening day I will be hunting with a rifle and a revolver. M94 30/30 with peep sights and a Bisley in 45 Colt strapped to my hip. Going retro this year.
John, you should get some interesting replies back to this one.
In Kansas we have a split season this year for whitetail. For the opening half I will hunt with a revolver...specifically a Taurus Raging Bull in .454 Casull. My load is 29grs of H110 and a handcast 300gr. RNFP gas-checked bullet. The second half of the season I'm thinking of taking out my 30-40 sporterized Krag....haven't hunted with it in a few years. Handgun hunting I pretty much stick with wheelguns in .44 or 45. With a rifle it's either the Krag or an older Model 70 in 30-06...both do an outstanding job on Kansas whitetail.
can't say i hunt with any weapon more than another
i hunt with my 45 lc bh if i plan to hunt the more mountainous terrain of the adirondacks because the shots are no more than 50 yards any ways...i use my 44 carbine if i plan on getting to my hunting area with my 4 wheeler because of its compact portability and if im hunting on my wifes uncles farm i bring the bolt 270. and of course theres alot of other situations that call for other guns mainly to give my wife a reason for my owning so many different guns.
lifes too short to spend it doing things you dont like...hunt more work less!

Long shots - 270 Remington stainless composite
Short shots - 45 Long Colt, Ruger Bisley stainless
Birds - Remington 870
Defense - Kimber 45
either a .44 Redhawk, .41 Blackhawk, or a .480 Superredhawk along with a Mossburg 695 bolt action shotgun for deer or a MK-2 22 for bunnies
Itís only funny untill someone getís hurt, than itís hilarious !
Oh yeah, forgot the one I probably burn more ammo with, a Martini 22 with excellent peep sights. Is a wonderfully accurate rifle.
every thing on the list cept for the semiauto's.
The most expensive bullet there is ain’t worth a plug nickel if it don’t go where its supposed to.
Well, since I had to pick only one I chose other. Most of my hunting is done with a muzzle loader (required for the area I hunt) and/or a shotgun. Public land is sort of scarce in my area of Texas and they have imposed these requirements on us.
Deer-Single shot 35 rem.pistol or .44 mag revolver.
Squirrel-.22 bolt action rifle or .22 auto pistol.
Rabbit-12 guage pump.
Hunt hard,hunt long
The early season here in PA. It is doe only with the black powder.I use a SHANADOA 50cal. with a round ball + patch.Then small game comes in,a 22 CONDENDER.Then Buck + Doe come in so I am useing this year a XP100 in 7MMBR. I will carry the 454 CASULL and the 30-06 RUGER 77R. for BEAR.
Always a .300 Mag. Never know when you'll need a long shot for that Trophy.
They make hunting guns that are not a rebarreled 98 Mauser? I didn't know that!

Seriously, I did finaly manage to get myself, my Ruger 96/44 and a deer all in the same 70 yd circle last Saturday, and I must say, I was favorable impressed with the .44 on that deer. Of course I used my 98's in '06 for the first two!
Is it deer season yet?
I was sort of surprised to find Revolvers were right up there with rifles - well almsot.

Of course I was way down in that 2% range - big surprize (my picture is in the dictionary by the term "weird").

Keep plugging!
Jim Higginbotham
The Technician is more important than the Technology
Groundhogs and the like .225 win Bolt Action

coyotes same as above or .308 mauser loaded with 110 gr sierra varmiters

Birds,rabbits 12 and 20 ga. pump

Deer, crossbow, .45 muzzle loader, 20 ga. pump and .44 revolver

Pigs, .44 mag revolver, this will be the first year pig hunting

squirrels, .22 buckmark, .22 ruger 10-22 and 12 and 20 ga. pump
You shoot that squirel with that thing, all that will be left is a grease spot!
Handloads.Com ForumHuntingPoll: What do you typically hunt with?

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