The Ruger GP100, SP101 and Super Redhawk revolvers are arguably the easiest double action revolvers to field strip, certainly much easier than the Smith or Taurus revolvers. To disassemble the GP100 all you really need is a screwdriver to remove the grips, a small nail to capture the mainspring and a punch to remove the trigger guard. You can use the screwdriver to remove the trigger guard, but it requires a fair amount of force and using something sharp increases the chance of marring the gun or injuring yourself. You want to use a fairly stiff nail to capture the mainspring, something like a pin or a paper clip is not strong enough. If you use something like a paper clip the pressure from the mainspring will eventually bend it making it extremely difficult to put back in the gun.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, a video should be worth even more. With practice you should be able to field strip a GP100/SP101/Super Redhawk in less than two minutes easily.

  • First make sure the revolver is unloaded
  • Next remove the grips.
  • Now cock the hammer, you should see a small hole below the mainspring
  • Put the small nail through the hole and gently release the tension on the hammer.
  • Remove the mainspring assembly from the revolver
  • Remove the pin holding the hammer
  • Remove the hammer
  • Next you’ll need to use the punch or screwdriver to push in the plunger holding the trigger assembly in the frame. This plunger is inside the grip stud, while pressing in the plunger you need to pull down on the trigger guard to remove the entire assembly from the frame. DO NOT pull the trigger while removed from the frame, small springs and plungers will fly out into the darkest corners of the room if you do.
  • To remove the cylinder press the cylinder release and slide the cylinder forward off the frame.
Now the revolver is striped down as far as you can go without additional tools. To remove the cylinder from the crane requires three hands or a special tool and isn’t something you will likely need to do.

Assembly is just the reverse of these steps, you will probably need to work the trigger to get the hammer in place and lined up with the holes, otherwise putting it back together is easier than taking it apart.

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